Monday, October 22, 2012

Hideaway Haven

Hideaway Haven is a cozy little cabin tucked in the mountains of Heber Utah.

Heber is between Sundance and Park City Utah.

 It is home of the Historic Heber Railroad.

And of course, "the best snow on earth!!!"
It's Beautiful in the Winter,

Spring, Summer, 

and as you can see, Autumn.

Hideaway Haven has been neglected for years.

It is a cozy little cabin on a lovely little plot of land.

But it has never been finished.

and because it has sat vacant for the better part of 20 years.
It is in much need of repair.

but most of it is cosmetic and honestly, it has AMAZING potential!

We see a loft, additions, a large, wrap-around porch, and even a sleeping porch...
{I gotta be honest, I am really excited about this one!}

It even has a river running through the property.

 It is just a little over-grown which happens to be an easy fix!
{YAY! Yes, we can all be relaxing down by the river very soon my friends!}

The cabin is in a lovely, gated community full of beautiful greenery and lakes.

 We are excited to get our Heber Cabin ready!
& we are just tickled that you are joining us for this fun
& exciting adventure...
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The Cozy Cottage Girls